The Trivia Crowdfunding Game


How It Works

Play Trivia...

Everyone loves trivia. But not everyone is good at trivia. To level the playing field, each trivia player is teamed up with two anonymous players. The highest team score takes home the weekly trivia award. Trivia has never been this easy.

...And Crowdfund Student Loans At The Same Time

The real goal of the Givling community is to help crowdfund student loan and mortgage debt. Whoever earns the most Givling "Queue Points" enters the crowdfunding box, which means every one from that point forward is crowdfunding for that player. To add to the fun, we have simultaneous players entering the crowdfunding box weekly.

Or Play For Free

We understand that not everyone has the ability to crowdfund. Which is why we offer a variety of ways for the student loan community to play for free, including: two free trivia plays a day, free Queue Point spins, and participation in the Free$50K and Free$10K queue award games.